Markus Giolas, Photographer

Markus Giolas, Photographer

Holding up the Sky

I remember where I was when I first heard read the story “It had Wings” by Allan Gurganus. I found the story so simple, yet so compelling. My immediate need to illustrate this elegant tale stemmed from my need to understand why it moved me so.

To that end, I communicated my version of the story through a series of still images much in the style of Chris Marker’s classic film “La Jeté” and the starkly lit narrative photography of Anna Gaskell’s “Wonderland”.

In my projected photoplay, “Holding up the Sky”, each image stands alone visually, yet as a sequence they reveal a visual “poem” that relates the narrative of a very special event that brightens an old woman’s otherwise monotonous life.

The images shown here are frames from my photoplay “Holding up the Sky” which are printed and displayed in conjunction with the projected piece.

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